What is AmiDb?
AmiDb - a hosted cloud service - is used to develop applications RAPIDLY, without compromising on scale, performance or quality. Despite its suffix (Db), it is not another database! It is a collection of well tested high level services, that developers can take advantage off. You can build your entire application over JavaScript if you desire so. The best way to explain AmiDb is for you to try it out. Quick start using it by accessing the APIs.
Why AmiDb?
Developers spend a significant portion of their time setting up clusters and writing code unrelated to the business logic. Examples include layers to access databases, and writing other common services to stage images, caching etc. Many platform providers take advantage of these factors and provide seemingly low cost, pay for what you use, options on the cloud. Once locked in to their platform you are billed in manners unimaginable (like cost per I/O operation, etc). Soon, you end up with prohibitive costs and a large percentage of your expenses are towards running these operations on the "cloud". On the other hand code developed in-house often ends up buggy and poorly designed.
This, is why you need AmiDb!
  • We offer a horizontally scalable distributed environment on the "cloud" at a "fixed" low cost per host.
  • We are built on open sources. Your data is stored on Cassandra and Elasticsearch clusters.
  • With AmiDb you work with higher layers over Restful APIs.
  • Our goal here is to make database and other common operations dead simple.
  • Our APIs took many man years to perfect and are tested thoroughly.
  • You can protect your investment by purchasing the source code.
AmiDb is your silver bullet. Spend a few hours on our free cluster and try it out. We hope you will discover a great software platform!
What is under the hood?
Built on open sources. Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Tomcat, JRE, Python, Nginx, CentOS, to name a few. Versions are kept as recent as possible.
API calls to are FREE, but not intended for production.
When you are ready to use AmiDb on production, please contact us for a dedicated cluster. The cost is $25/host/month and includes hosting, management and reasonable support. There are no hourly or other hidden charges.
Host specifications
2CPU cores
3 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
1000 Mbps Network out
You can also download AmiDb and its deployment system. Binaries and source code are available for purchase. We can help setup AmiDb on your private cloud.